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September 2004
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Zimbabwe Map
  Area: 390,580 sq km 
  Population: 11.5 million
  Capital: Harare
  Climate: Tropical
  Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele
  President: Robert Mugabe
  Currency: Zimbabwe dollar
  Exports: Tobacco, gold, textiles
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Crisis    In    Zimbabwe 
 Recent reports from Zimbabwe:
   "Everyone's heard the stories about wheelbarrow loads of cash, about the empty supermarket
   shelves and the petrol queues.  But when you actually see it..."

   "Food itself has now become the currency.  Bread, mealie meal, sugar are so scarce, and salaries
   for the average Zimbabwean are ridiculous..."

   "Farms aren't producing anything anymore.  The so-called 'war veterans' are moving back to the
   towns and cities en masse.  They were paid to occupy the white farms and now that no one is
   providing for them anymore - no farmers left to plough their lands, plant their crops..." 
 Recent Comments on Zimbabwe from The Zimbabwe Forum:
"...The hypocrosy of Black Africa is astounding, very quick to criticise South Africa when it was under White Government but quick to turn a blind eye when injustices and intimidation occur under Black Governments. The devastation, corruption and incompetence of Mugabe and his henchmen is bordering on savagery and barbarism ..." "...It has nothing to do with black or white. Because if you are stupid enough to belive that a few white owned farms are cause of the current economic and health problems in the country then you deserve a leader like Robert Mugabe. I refuse to recognise him as my president but instead as a traitor." 
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